Repeat YouTube video parts

Save interesting video parts in playlists. Play them on repeat anytime. Set video speed. Play in a floating window. Share video part with friends. Play on Chromecast devices.

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Ever wanted to repeat just one part of a video?

YouTube has a lot of great videos and sometimes you want to bookmark and repeat only parts of those videos.

Repeat YouTube videos

Repeat epic parts from a YouTube video

Maybe there's a guitar lick you want to practice, maybe some meditation sounds, maybe white noise, maybe just epic parts :). Musepic allows you to select parts of a video and save them to a playlist.

People around musical notes.
Enjoy favorite parts

Easily find and select favorite part from YouTube videos

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Search YouTube videos.

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Save favorite part in a playlist.

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Play it at your preferred speed.

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Play it in a floating window.

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Share it with friends.

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Play it on Chromecast devices.

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Selective repeats

Save your favorite YouTube parts

Play only the interesting parts from YouTube videos. Save them for later so it's easier next time.

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All your favorites.
None of the boring!

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